Wednesday, May 16, 2012

"Look like he's got another fuck buddy!"

Hey, poopie freaks! I've been busy busy busy busy! Busier than a 10 dollar crack whore on 8th street. I'm currently getting my insane ass some IOP. Yup, they are actually going to work on my psych problems. I wonder if it would work? I mean, you still can't get rid of my love of CORN LADEN POO!

I've realized we've all got a little bit of tard in all of us. I was visit my boyfriend this weekend. He lives about 4 hrs away, but it is worth it. Any way, he is obsessed with my ex-boyfriend. Well, he's been obsessed with my for 10 years. Someone out there actually had a closet shrine of the Popanator before my first Popanator post. I felt honored and had to visit him 2 months ago, and we've been together since.

Any way, we were there in the library quiet as fuck. He all the sudden goes on my ex-boyfriend's Facebook page. I guess that is his favorite website. Any who, here I am in the a crowded library that is completely silent and yelled out, "Look like he's got himself another fuck buddy and it looks like she got hit in the face with a frying pan." Of course I had to say this loud as fuck. My poor soft spoken boyfriend turns red and  says, "You know everyone heard you??!" Everyone turns around to look at me. I hid my face and bolted out of there.

Acutally, the chick in the photo is hotter than his new fuck buddy, but I don't care. The only one who does is my boyfriend, Sam. He should know that my poopie hole is his to fist.

Speaking of stupid, I was speaking with my counselor today. We were going over my family history, and I explained my daddie had a heart attack at 38. He asked if that was recent. Hello?! That isn't even possible. I guess we all have a little bit of tard in us all.

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