Wednesday, July 13, 2011

More Jay!

Hey guys! Popanator here, and I've got some great news. I'm getting closer to Jay, and I'm almost to the point of calling him my best friend. Not everybody has a poop fetish like mine, and Jay's just so spurty. He and I just go everywhere together, and sometimes we see how many cute boys we can seduce. It's not always easy, but it's sure taking my mind off that one guy. I think he's been replaced and I can't say I'm sorry about that.

Jay and I were out shopping for cute clothes the other day. See, when you delight in poopies as much as we do it can be impossible to get all the stains out of your clothes. As much as I love keeping some poopies on my dress as snacks for later, sometimes it just gets annoying. It's even more of a bother when your clothes start to feel like armor because they're coated in layer after layer of dried shit.

We go shopping a lot because we can afford it. I love being Jay's apprentice. He's teaching me that all you've got to do is be cute, and men will pay for anything you want. Just rub up on his arm and give him big doe eyes, and he'll fill your gas tank, your pussy and your belly at the same time. Well, it takes awhile to get all three of those things. Once he's given you some money and stuff, you can empty your colon all over him and he'll love it.

Jay loves his men with big, kissable lips. I've always preferred my men soft and furry, but Jay's boys are usually smooth as silk. Anyway, we were shopping when we saw this really cute guy walking by, looking like he's got it going on. Jay started licking his lips and saying stuff like, “that boy's gonna suck mah dick.” My poopy hole started getting wet immediately.

Jay fucks a lot, but he doesn't fuck around.

Just a few minutes later, Jay had the boy in a private place and they were diddling each other. I took a little poo and started lasciviously nibbling on it while the boys went at it. Jay sucked pretty boy's dick, and got him off like that. But then Jay got his cock sucked, and he just spurted like a geyser. He told me later that the guy's lips were such a turn-on that he just couldn't contain himself.

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