Sunday, July 24, 2011

Hey, poopy pals!

It's your old buddy the Popanator, and I've been fisting my shit hole like never before. Wanna know why? I finished my first book the other day! I mean writing one, not just reading one. See, I figured out that a lot of you guys found out about me because of my super-intelligent, awesome poopy comments.

But I bet a lot of you guys don't know how many sites I've actually been on, or how I first got started with this Internet troll thing. They call me a troll and I've learned to take it as a compliment, but I prefer to call myself the poopy messiah. And with that being the case, I've got my holy scripture all ready.

If you want to you can pick up my first book right now. Just click here for the link to pay for it and I'll send it to you as a cute little PDF, just as pretty as my poopy hole. It's got EVERY comment I've made on every website I go to since I first started with my little poop fetish.

If you think you've seen everything I've done, I bet you haven't seen the HALF of it. I'm been a busy little girl, ya know. I was thinking about just giving away my book, because I love you guys and want to share my poopy legacy with you.

But reality is a bitter pill, and while shit is free nothing else is. The Popanator's no capitalist, of course, but if you love what I've been giving you guys for free over the past year I know my book will be worth every penny.

I love you guys. You make me fist my shit hole every time I see that you've replied to something I said or come to visit my site. My poopy hole is your poopy hole, and I hope you're comfy in there as wide and well-worn as it is.

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