Sunday, July 10, 2011

Fun with Jay!

I made a new friend today! His name's Jay, and I think he's the funniest guy who ever lived. He's a homosexual, and homosexuals are so wonderfully gay. He's got the cutest pickup line ever. He'll walk up to a cute boy and be like, "You want some head?" The look he gives is one I'm gonna try the next time I approach somebody. Of course I'll say, "You want some poopies?" I don't like totally copying somebody else's style. But I have to admit Jay's got it going on. And it almost always works!

So Jay and I went to the mall so I could school him on the fine art of poopfiti -- that's poopies on the wall in unique designs. We started smearing out shit all over the walls of the bathroom like I usually do, and he got this great idea. We could bring in some random boy, give him head and leave some steamers on him, too. Jay laughed so hard at the idea that he coughed. I love the way he recovers because he was all, "Ooh, I had to gargle out some of the cum."

So we went to the food court and found us somebody cute. I never caught the guy's name, not that it matters. And Jay was all, "You want some head, baby?" The guy seemed really enamored with us, being with a pretty poopy chick like me and a flaming cutie like Jay. So we take the guy to the bathroom, and Jay starts sucking him off. His mouth wasn't busy, so I let the guy lick my asshole to get me lubed up. I wanted to make sure my poopies could slide right out.

When the guy came, I knew it was time for the coup de grace... I think that's like mardi gras. Anyway, we turned the guy into one of us girls by putting our butts together, and leaving a pair of steamers on the guy's chest. They looked just like tits! I was a little torn for a second. I didn't wanna ruin a perfect pair of C's, but I love running my face through poopy titties. So I did, and we all laughed until we choked.

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