Thursday, March 24, 2011

Tampon Instructions

While I was siting on the toilet giving birth to a delicious corn laden poopie I needed something to read. The only thing I could find around was a box of tampons I ocassional shove up my poopie hole to hold in all the pooey wet juices when I leek. Hey, whenever you fist yourself like I do, somethings things just leeked out!

Then, I found the motherload of erotic cartoons! It was right in the packaging. These slutty cartoons just shoe the tampon up their cunt like its a cock.

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Oh, fuck yeah! Everything about that shit just made me so hawnee I fisted my poopie hole until it bled. The half-born poopie got smushed around. I had to rub the shit all over myself. MMmm.... So squish, so erotic! Thanks, Tampon Slut!


Squackanator said...

Everything about those wacky comix made me so horny that I did the New York Times crossword puzzle in pen, solved it completely, then shoved that newspaper up my poopie hole and sang Lady Gaga songs out loud while the wet pooey juices leaked out onto my dead hamsters face. Remind me never to get crunk with you again.

Popanator said...

Nice! Sounds like my typical Sunday morning plans!