Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Poopie High

yo dawg i heard you like getting shit faced
I heard a rumor that if you put your poopies into a pot, you can huff it like gasoline and get a really good buzz off of it. I don't know if that's true or not, but I do know I like the idea. So I got a pot, took a big corn laden shit in it, and took a massive hit off my shit. I giggled a little bit when my hair fell into my turd pile- it's a lot cheaper than hair dye, not to mention that it's all soft and conditioning. Man, is there anything poopies can't do?

It took a few good hits before I really felt anything. I guess I've got a pretty strong resistance to poopies, on account of my poop fetish and all that. So I inhaled it like the soothing balm of a middle eastern mystic, and let the visions begin to wash over me. Man was it deep. At first the colors of the room got brighter. Then I could feel my ass start talking to me- I couldn't understand him 'cause he wasn't speaking english. I also don't know why my poopy hole was a guy, but he had a really deep voice like Darth Vader or something.
He commanded me to shit out my new god. So I crawled on my hands and knees like an enslaved temple priestess, slowly shitting out a long and curvy turd. I didn't know I had that much inside of me, but it just wouldn't stop coming. When I was done, it started slithering towards me like a snake, and commanded me to open my legs and receive the holy seed.
When I wake up, the entire room was covered in shit. I don't know if I'm pregnant or not, but that was some good shit.

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