Thursday, February 3, 2011

Popanator on the clock!

There is a new blog I have been writing Don't worry, poopie freaks, I'll still be updating my adventures on my Popanator Blog. But, this one is about my adventures at work. It is also SFW besides all the cussing. It is about all the retards I deal with at work. More of a case study of why I am insane. I hope you guys enjoy.

And for all the hardcore poopie freaks, I'll still be posting about my adventures off the clock in fisting and enjoying my DELICOUS CORN LADEN POO. MMmm...... I love poopies. I like to pack them in my lunch and take that shit with me to work. I like to snack on the corn out of my shit between calls.

Mmm... comming home to a nice steamer and a warm shot of whiskey is the best way to unwind. Then I have my Ethan piss on me in the bathtub and just bathes in his hot sticky piss. MMmmm.... Without poopie pay my life wouldn't be worth living!

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