Saturday, February 12, 2011

Talking Ken Doll

Barbie Sweet Talking Ken DollI was at the toy store today looking at new toys I could shove up my poopie hole. I love trying all sorts of balls. I love to swallow marbles and poop them out. It hits my G-Spot in my poopie hole and gives me a turdgasm. Mmmmm..... I love things that shake and vibrate. I love to vibrate my poopies into a pureed poopie smoothy!

But, I came accross one little gem. It is a Ken doll you can record your voice and have him talk back to you. Cool! I brought that thing home and had him talk about fisting poopie holes while I shove the hole doll up my ass. Also the vibrations of it liquifies my poopies. It was the funnest toy evar until My pooey wet juices shorted it out. Oh, well, I'll get another one and wrap it in a condom so it won't get ruined. I'll practice safe fecal masterbation! Mmm..... I hope everyone else is having a fun leekend!

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