Saturday, February 5, 2011

Poopie Tail!!!1!!!

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My Ethan is a kinky little devil. The other day, he blindfolded me and led me back to his prized poopy patch (where we've had a lot of fun in the past), and it seems he'd taken the entire week sculpting the entire thing into what looked like a bunch of buildings. It was a shit city! So cute, kind of like the shitty city that I already live in.
He grinned as he told me that we were going to play dinosaurs. You've gotta admit, goofy dates are some of the most fun ones you can have. So he laid me down on the ground, lifted my skirt and began to fist me nice and deep, the way I like it. Ladies, if your man knows how to fist you proper, he's definitely a keeper. He drew those tasty pooey juices out of me, and began to cover my body with them like a slick, delicious ointment of love.

But when I was completely covered, he delivered the poop de grace, and pulled some of my guts out of mah ass just like a tail. Laying back and giving me a sexy look, he asked me to do the same things to him- how could I say no? I was wet as hell and I would've done anything for him at that point. So I pulled out a goodly bit of his sexy poopy colon, and we skulked around our little shit city. It was a lot of laughs, and you know I got off a lot as we smashed the place back into a poopy pile. My "tail" was unbelievably sensitive, and he did this thing with his tongue... hot damn! Why'd I never think of that?Some shit for you poopie city~!

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