Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Mrs Crumplebottom

Sorry, I haven't been writing for a while, some shit got fucked up and I have been doing nothing but playing Sims 2. I just can't help it, there is this old woman on there Mrs. Crumplebottom. I am in love with that old granny. I love old women. Their vag holes are so loose from years of experience! I can fist that shit.

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An added bonus is she hits people with her purse! That is so fucking hawt!!1!!! Mmmm... I love to be smacked before I get fist. Everything about that old bitch make me so hawnee! I'd fist that into submission!

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Mmmm... take out those teeth and gum me until I have a turdgasm in that sexxxy mouth!

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