Monday, June 3, 2013

Nick Bate

Hey, Shiz Biscuits! I've been searching high and low on Twitter for someone who loves the POO as much as I do. I found him. There is this autistic (yes, it always has to be autistic) man on Twitter who is in love with everything fecal and scatological. His name is Nick Bate and he wishes he was in a more fecal friendly land called Canada. Hey, I think that's where my baby daddy fled to. He's probably living it up right now, in his diapers smearing shit on igloo walls. *sigh*

Now, more about the man of the hour: NICK BATE

Here is his Twitter account:

Sexy Photo:

The tinfoil hat is a fashion statement and it also keeps the government from reading your brainwaves. I have a few of my own.

Favorite Party Game: Musical Anuses!  "anal orgy wherein men circle aroond women while music plays. When the DJ stops it (at random) they must do the nearest butt. Each roond there is one less female than male, so whichever male is last to get his penis in a rectum is disqualified."

Religious Beliefs: "The world must realize that sex is the Lord's gift to mankind and that anal, the most intimate act, is the ultimate expression of Love. To refuse engaging in anal intercourse with one's soulmate is the rejection of God's gift. Abstinence from anal is the wickedest sin of all."

He also loves the letter "o". It is the one that looks closest to a poopie hole. Maybe he never saw *.

Prophesy of Nick Bate: "The Prophet is charged with a Holy Crusade by The One Who Is Known as I Am. The Penetration of the Anus will usher in a new Age of Peace. She who shares the bodily waste of the Prophet's earthly vessel will be the Vice Queen of the Holy Kingdom of Sodomia in the New Age The descendants of Sodomia, birthed by the Prophet and his wife shall inherit the Earth in preparation for the Advent of the Messiah. The Sodomites will prosper on Earth and in the Kingdom of Heaven for all Eternity! Faram."

I don't know if the Great Almighty Poo would approve. He's more into fecal matter than sodomy. However, Nick's page is worth a read.

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Hollie Christmas said...

Dude, he's in prison for the next 40 years. Don't know if you know. Wait, do they have WiFi in hell?