Sunday, May 12, 2013

Tard Story

I was thinking Friday, while I was working at the warehouse, about how much my life has changed. In the beginning of 2012, my life was nothing but observing one tard story after another. At work I babysat retards and I lived with my autistic brother Willie. My life now a days is tard free. I was pondering this at work when all the sudden I had to go to the toilet. It wasn't poopies like I wanted, but I still needed to take a piss.

In the shit house at work, we had to keep the light off when it wasn't in use. Whatever, I turned on the light and went into a stall. The next thing I know, my supervisor walked in and blurted out, "Hey who left the light on?!"

I shouted back from the stall, "I'm in here."

She said, "Okay...Uh, is everything okay?"

"Yeah, I'm good."

"Do you need any help?"

WTF?! I was freaked out at this point, but calmly said, "No, I"m good."

She just said, "Okay." The next thing I knew, the light was turned off and she left the bathroom. She's still more intelligent than the tards I worked with at the call center.

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