Thursday, June 6, 2013

Rental Property

My big gapping cunt hole and poopie hole used to be prime rental properties. I had no problems finding renters before 2011. I was always at full occupancy. Back in the day, I had so many renters, I made sure my property looked nice, was always mowed and I always had a supply of ointment for those nasty infections I would get once in a while.

2011-2013, I was in a relationship. Sure, my rental property only went to two renters. When one moved out the other one moved in. I kept the grass cut, still made sure it was clean, hell it was cleaner! I wasn't getting paid rent sadly, but I was still happy. I made sure I got in relationships with men who took good care of the property.. or so I thought.

2013--onwards! The last asshole tenant, left his shit on my property! No-one want anything to do with it. He fled to Canada, so he doesn't have to pay for damages. I can't even get anyone to look at this shit for free. I can't even get a one night stand. I'm almost lonely enough to pay someone to just go in the rental property like old times and mess around.

I don't mind being single. Men are a pain in the ass anyways, but sometimes, my gaping cunt and my poopie hole need a little something. Now, the rental property is condemned, and I don't bother mowing the fucking grass. Why bother? The property can't be rebuilt until October.

Over Grown Yard

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