Friday, May 10, 2013

Delicate Poppy

Morning or evening (depending on where you live) my shiz biscuits. Now while I was out doing my tom fuckery, I ended up getting myself knocked up. I mixed some new DNA into my gene pool. Well, the baby daddy has freaked out and since left the country. Typical man, doing what they do best, running. Sigh, this isn't like Australia, to where if you were to try to run in a hurry there was no bordering countries.

Well, since I am a single mom...again... I did the only thing I can. I got this job thingie. I'm working in a warehouse. It is so much different than a whorehouse where I've worked in the past. I remember interning at the whorehouse before as "The Poopy Fister!". Sometimes, I miss the good old days of going around to customers asking who needed their poo holes cleaned.

Daaaammmn that bitch in the photo has a bigger poo hole than I do. She would make my hero, Goatse jealous. Now, what was I talking about, oh, working at a warehouse. Yeah, I get annoyed when people ask if I should be lifting boxes because I'm knocked up. Some people act like they are worried that if I lift something a baby would shoot out of my cunt like a rocket. If that was true, than poo would also shoot out of my poopie hole like a rocket. THAT WOULD BE AWESOME! When I pray tonight to the Great Almighty Poo, I will ask for poo powered rockets! Imagine the fun I would have. It would be like the 4th of July every day!!!

I must go now and pray. May the Great Almighty Poo bless each and every one of you. I hope he inspires me to greatness. I hope he inspires me to do something awesome like right the Bible of the Great Almighty Poo! I know he saved my life to do something great!!!!

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