Thursday, March 1, 2012

Magic Panties

I have been working a lot of hours this week. Way too many. 3rd shift decided to call in sick two days in a row, so for two days in a row I worked a double shift. Yup, 16 hrs a day. Now, the overtime is nice, however, whenever I got off from work, it left me no time to do anything else. I just plopped into bed and slept until it was time to go to work. The other 3 days of my working week were still overtime. OVERTIME OVERTIME OVERTIME. Luckily I had today off, but I wasted it sleeping and sniffing Jenkem.

Well, with all my busyness, I had to cut out non-essential tasks. One of them was showering. My boyfriend Chris is pissed off at me because of this. I have to remember he doesn't love delicious smells the way I do. Whenever I don't shower, I don't change my panties. This is so it can marinate more and more in my own juices. I get pooey wet juice that leaks out at times because I fisted my poopie hole so much, its hard to keep everything in. And I also get the delicious vag juices that cum out. I wore these panties for 5 days and oh my God! They smell like heaven. I love my body's delicious yummy scent!

Today, I was sitting around watching Chris-Chan videos on Youtube. I could smell tuna even while having my jeans on! That was awesome. I farted a few times and I could smell pooey tuna. That turned me on so much, I pulled down my pants and rubbed myself with those panties on. I came hard in them. Then I took them off and sniffed them.

Sadly, my boyfriend Chris is forcing me to take a shower tonight. I don't want to. I think my scent is awesome. I'm getting him to appreciate more and more of my faecalphilia. Part of it, is how much I love myself. I love all my body produces. From my poopies, to vag juice. It is me! Chris is loosing up and doesn't mind when I fart on him. He just sniffs the air and goes "murr". He even let me fist his poopie hole. I think he's still a keeper!

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