Monday, March 19, 2012

Popanator's Fairytale Corner

Being the girly-girl I am, I love fairytales. I always dream of the day prince charming will come and sweep me off my feet and we ride away into the sunset in my Honda. One of my most favourite fairytales is sleeping beauty. Not because of the pauper who found out she is a princess aspect. No, its because that shit is erotic.

Nothing says "I love you" like waking up to man fully inside you. It is so nice to pass out and wake up to a nice surprise of being pumped away. Hell, for an awesome surprise, go to a family reunion and pop a couple of roofies. Drink a beer and see which prince charming is waking you up with love's first fist.

There is just something about me, that love to be dominated. To have another man take complete control over me for once. I love to have a man just take my poopie hole for his. To fist me, to use me. What better time to do that, than when I am vulnerable, asleep? I just love to lose all control, and sometimes I even have a major turdgasm. Mmmm....If he gives me a nice enough wake up call, I'll even leave a steamer on his nightstand.

Now, for a little less romantic story, you have Snow White. But, in the story the bitch was dead. I think prince charming was a little dissappointed. I mean, he knew her ass was a corpse. Why else would he want to open up that coffin and give her a kiss?

Imagine the horror of cracking open a cold dead one, and she wakes up. Imagine his embarrassment. What do you say? "Pardon me, ma'am, I didn't mean to rape your corpse. The poor prince had to save face an immediately ask her to marry him. Luckily, she was pretty hot. Not the prettiest princess, but not ugly. It was also the shortest engagement. He just collected her and rode her up to his castle. Not know anything else about her, than her tight dry vagina. I'm sure it wasn't happily ever after for him, but it made him think twice about digging up corpses from then on.


Dan Kass said...

I sure would like to fist that French Bulldog's poopie hole. Fist it while eating some celery. Celery covered in pony jizz.

Poppy War said...

Though, there was no French Bulldog in that post, the story sounds hawt. However, I prefer my celery to have corn laden poo on it. Mine, because my shit takes mother fuckin' licisious. Especially after there is jizz in my poo hole. Mmm... Sperm and CORN LADEN POO!