Sunday, June 12, 2011

Pogo Stick

Hey, everybody! It's time for another little shit filled adventure. Today I'm gonna talk about what happened when I went to the flea market today. They don't sell actual fleas, but I let that slide when I found out some of the neat stuff they do sell, like pogo sticks. Now, your traditional pogo stick has handlebars, which makes it too wide to properly shove into even the most forgiving poopy hole. I know mah fist fits up there easily enough, but hot damn! Those handlebars would even scrape my insides! Using your pogo stick "stock" would be some seriously Olympic fisting- if you can do that, send me a video!

So I picked up a pogo stick, and bounced around contemplating how I might make some poopy fun with it. So I asked my autistic brother Willie to take off the top, and affix something a bit more fistable onto the top. You know how ass pies are- they can fix anything! He let me play with his deep fryer while I waited (mmm, deep fried poopies- a delicacy in some countries), and when he got done there was a giant round knob, like some kind of bannister topper like you'd see on a staircase attached to my pogo stick.

The boy's got style. I would've just put a dildo on there, but Willie knows it's a rare dildo that can satisfy the Popanator. So I mounted that giant knob, and it slid in like the head of some gigantic African cock- Oooooh! I bounced my little legs up and down, and got to bouncin' on that thing. God, it made me wet, watching my sweet, gooey pooey juices leekin' down the body of my pogo stick while my slutty legs bounced in the air. Fuck- I'm gettin' wet just thinkin' about it.

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