Thursday, April 26, 2012

My New House!

Alright poopie freaks, after everything that went wrong this year, something went right. Yes, hold on to your poopies.... I HAVE MY OWN HOUSE!!!!!!!!! My own poopie house. I posted a tour on YouTube. This is amazing, guys. I have my own little kitchen where I eat the delicious corn laden poo after making it in that porceline bowl. I don't have to do dishes, all I have to do is flush. I occasionally lick it nice and clean afterwards.

I have my own bedroom, to where if I want to fuck outside my gene pool, I no longer have to hide it. All I have to do is play spin the bottle. That's where I jam a bottle up your poo hole and tickle your colon. Mmmmm...... Then, I take it out and drink poo laden wine. That is the best.

I even have my own trolling closet. You know, so I feel comfortable like I did sitting in my daddie's basement. Well, I have to unpack. Kisses, hugs, and poo from your Popanator!

Check out the vid:



lolololol to 'my own poopie house'

you write like a god

Poppy War said...

Thank you!