Wednesday, April 25, 2012

My Hero John Assanti

Hey there, poopie freaks. I know this year has been difficult for, well, for just about everyone. Hell, the things I've been through this year, kinda makes my life before seem like a cushy pink cloud. Enough of that, I want to be serious for once. I want to give a shout out to a man who seemed at first like a big LOL cow. At first he was as pathetic as Chris Chan. Hell, even I trolled him for the lulz.

He will be on TRU TV May 10th. He will also be on MTV Ridiculousness. With the extreme challenges in front of him, he never gave up. He even laughed in the faces of haters and trolls. This is why we should never give up. Even when life just throws you shit, and not in the delicious corn laden way. No, the 1,000 pound shit that just lays on your chest and you feel like you can't move. Or when you feel life has placed you in a dark tunnel from which you can never escape.

The Popanator will succeed. Sometimes, I need to be reminded what I am actually wanting to do. My goals and dreams seem so out of reach. But, if a 700 pound man with a webcam can achieve fame, well, so can I. With that, I leave you this:

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