Tuesday, February 7, 2012


I accidently came accross this little Asian delicacy. Yesterday, I took a poopie as normal and then I rolled over in bed to lick it up as my breakfast in bed. I noticed my poopies looked strange. They seemed to have rice in them. They reminded me of the rice balls you'd get at the Chinese buffett.

I was wondering how my poopies got rice laden. I didn't eat any Chinese the past few days. Then I looked closer at it and the rice was moving! It was just little worms. So cute! They were like little protien bits. Normally, I live a healthy vegan lifestyle, but this is an exception. The worms were enjoying living in my poopie hole and back to my poopie hole they should go. They seem to enjoy my poo as much as I do. My poo is the sustainer of life!

I took a bite and damn it, RICE LADEN POO is mother fucking delicious! It does taste like rice! Howevr, the rice moves and tickles your tounge. So, when you are at home and want to have a hokey Asian night for dinner, don't forget the RICE LADEN POO!


Matt said...

I'd love to suck the discharge out of your yeast infected vagina and then have you shit you worm infested poopie down my throat. Seriously. You up for a meet?

Poppy War said...

Mmm... Sounds yummy. Nothing is better than vag cheese with poopie rice balls. Its my favourite Asian dish. However, I don't think my boyfriend would like me shitting in someone else's mouth besides him. I promised him that he would be the one I wouldn't cheat on.

Matt said...

Well... if you end up single again, let me know.