Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentines Day!

Happy Valentine's Day from the bottom of my bowels, poopy freaks! Ever since I started dating Chris, I've been a little nervous about whether he's as much into the poop fetish as I am. So I haven't been fisting him like I fist everybody else in my life. Sometimes I wonder if he only fists me to be polite, like the way people shake hands and stuff. Today was the day to find out. But of course, I wanted to make the day special in other ways, too.

The first thing I did was get a big box of chocolates for my man. Normally the woman doesn't buy them for the man, but this time it's different because they're made with extra special love. Throwing away those boring chocolate things, I took a massive dump and split it up into roughly even pieces. This way, my beautiful Chris could enjoy my poopies a little bit at a time. Some things in life need to be savored. I even made sure to wrap some period blood, pussy juices and pooey wet juices into some of my "Popalates" so they'd explode in his mouth for some extra special yumminess.

Yeah, I ate a few of them. Hope he doesn't mind. They're just so good!

But you know I had to do more than just a dinky little box of brown gold for my Chrissy. He's too special for ordinary things. So I went to his car and took a massive diarrhea dump all on the top, kinda like the whipped cream you put on the top of a sundae. But it wasn't shaped right, so I peeled off a little of the pooped cream and began to smear it all over the hood, the doors and the windows of his car. I wrote the usual things like "Be Mine" and "Poppy Loves Chris," but I think I outdid myself when I made "I'm Gonna Fist You Tonight" in really big brown letters. Ooh, I got so wet as those chunks of poopies slid through my fingers. I felt like a sculptor.

Happy Valentine's Day, everybody. If you haven't got anybody to fist, find somebody. No fist should go sans poopy hole today.

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