Sunday, August 14, 2011

Willie is all grown up!

Hey, everybody. Your old pal Popanator is a little bummed right now, and not "bum" like poopy hole either. See, I just found out yesterday that my autistic brother Willie had himself a girlfriend. I never even met her until I found out that they'd eloped and moved off together. I know he's technically a little older than I am, but I've always felt like his big sister and the guardian of his poopy hole. Between this and having that crazy boy get promoted, I don't know what to think lately. Your pal the Popanator is just a little depressed.

I mean, who am I going to chase around the house when he starts running around doing that "fire alarm" thing autistics like to do every so often? When we were kids I used to pretend there really was a fire and drag the hose into the house to put it out when he'd do that. Later in life I matured into putting a tube up my shit hole and just spraying diarrhea everywhere. Oh, the memories. At least he's happy, I guess. Since he's older I can't really complain that he got married first, and I really do want what's best for Willie.

I just wish I'd gotten to meet this girl first. I barely know anything about her. One day she came to the door and I honestly thought she was selling something. I'd just invested a lot of my poopies into a venture I'm keeping a secret for now, so I wasn't sure if I'd be able to produce a suitable payment for whatever it was. But then she said her name was Cheri and she was Willie's wife -- and I had to admit she had a nice rock on her finger.

After I picked my jaw up off the floor I called Willie into the front room, and the way he leaped into her arms was both surprisingly agile for an autistic and something I'd never thought possible. Normally he's all weird about touching anybody, but the way he snuggled up into her chest and said "Murr" was total, true asspie love. I was also impressed by how strong she was. Willie's not a small guy, but Cheri held him up like... uh, something that's really easy to hold up.

Then he just moved out, like he was going to the store or something. And I'm sad. I guess I can share my poopies with Jay, but... it's just not the same. I want my brother back!!!!!!!1!!!!

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