Monday, August 1, 2011

Jay The Model Christian

Hey poopy pals. It's your old pal the Popanator again. I was talking to my new BFF Jay again, and he was telling me about how much of a good Christian he is. Normally I think religions are just stuffy ways people can feel like they're better than everybody else, but Jay's views on life are kinda neat. He told me that he loves his fellow man, and I smiled and said, "in every position there is." He's also got a cute little poop fetish just like I do. Matter of fact, if Jay wasn't gay I think I'd like to marry him. He could be my little house wife.

I could just see that. Jay told me how he loves to be with Uncle Tony. He squats down and rides uncle Tony's cock, and then when they both spurt he likes to let their love juices just leek out of his poopy hole. If there's anything sweeter than shit it's got to be the cum of someone you really love. Jay was telling me all about how much he loves mah uncle. While he still goes around and sleeps with other guys, he really does love uncle Tony and considers him one of his best pieces.

See, to Jay all the men he has sex with are pieces of dick, or pieces for short. Every piece knows that if they don't like how Jay treats them, they can be replaced like a snap of his fingers. He has such a power over these guys, and I'd love to have that kind of power. I'm training my poopy hole's inner power under Jay the way a young ninja would train under a king shit ninja or something. One day I hope to be the kind of powerful, sexy poop fetish bitch like Jay is. It's such an amazing rush to feel like I'm sucking the energy out of a man and making him addicted to me.

I bet you are. Kisses everybody!!!!!1!!!!

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