Friday, December 20, 2013


Wow, just wow. I've been off this thing for holy shit, 5 months now and I'm still getting views. I guess the Popanator legacy lives on. Yes, after my rehabilitation, I've stopped the poopie play...well, mostly. (Part of my rehab was to stay off the Internet unless it was a good moral website.) Every once in a while I get his overwhelming urge to just fist a nice tight poopie hole. I've got a confession to make guys... I'm infatuated with our Autistic Hero: CHRISTIAN WESTON CHANDLER!

After that erotic video he made after his 2 year hiatus, it just made me fist my poo hole. *sigh* Can't an intelligent, mildly successful (okay, more successful than I was) woman as myself just fist her poo hole once in a while. I mean, I want Chrissy to sit on my face Cake Farts style! I would so like the chocolate icing off his poo hole! I would bury my face in those big ass cheeks and he wouldn't have to worry about any toilet paper.

I would also love to fist Chrissy Oppa Pancake Style! That is where I insert my fist into his rectom while he is going poopies! I'd pound that fist until his poopies get all squishy and resemble pancake batter! MMmm... then I'd lick them. I want to fist his shitty hairy asshole! I wonder how much lube his poopies would make!

OOoohhh yes!!! POOPIES!!! I'd wear those dirty crapped briefs over my head! Well, shiz bisques it was good to check in. I need to go fist myself now....

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