Wednesday, August 6, 2014


  So, I found out today, that the worst way to start out a conversations is "So... I was looking at my sisters porn today..." Then topped it off as "Well, I mean, I'm just doing research..." Topped it off even better as, "I wanted to see if she did porn in 2001 or if she lied and really started in 2003." My poor friend is still shaking his head.

Well, poopie freaks the start of porn date was actually 1998. Not that I should care about when my sister became a porn star. The only reason I do care is she is a 210 pound version of me. No, you may not find out her porn name, don't ask. Yes, when I was searching for her, I found her through her porn site. That is a good way to find your sister after not seeing her for a couple of decades is through her porn site. Yes, my family is that fucked up in real life. I just had to get that off my chest. Also, they still wonder why I didn't have anything to do with them until December 2012...

Saturday, January 25, 2014

Antartic Porn

Wow, I got a bunch of page views yesterday! Thanks, my favorite shiz biscuits! I'll still poke around once in a while, whenever the mood or my fist strikes my poo hole!

Now, today, I was looking for a warmer place to go to for the winter. Here in central Indiana, the weather is worse than I've ever remembered it. With the wind chills we are expecting next week, I found a place that would literally be warmer to go to: ANTARTICA!

While browsing around trying to find out how to book a cruise to my new tropical paradise, I actually found, no shit, ANTARTIC PORN!

I always wondered what would happen when it is -40F if you decided to take a piss outside. Would it freeze? That YouTube video answered my most burning question it would be more of a mist, an icy mist. Mmmmm.... SNOW CONES!

I did find out that poopies can freeze too. If you mix poopies with milk and ice, you got yourself chocolate icecream! YUM!

That's the way to make some icecream! I would love someone to sit on my face outside and do that! Mmmm.. Chocolate! Shit, gotta go and do productive shit now. Will be back sometime...

Friday, December 20, 2013


Wow, just wow. I've been off this thing for holy shit, 5 months now and I'm still getting views. I guess the Popanator legacy lives on. Yes, after my rehabilitation, I've stopped the poopie play...well, mostly. (Part of my rehab was to stay off the Internet unless it was a good moral website.) Every once in a while I get his overwhelming urge to just fist a nice tight poopie hole. I've got a confession to make guys... I'm infatuated with our Autistic Hero: CHRISTIAN WESTON CHANDLER!

After that erotic video he made after his 2 year hiatus, it just made me fist my poo hole. *sigh* Can't an intelligent, mildly successful (okay, more successful than I was) woman as myself just fist her poo hole once in a while. I mean, I want Chrissy to sit on my face Cake Farts style! I would so like the chocolate icing off his poo hole! I would bury my face in those big ass cheeks and he wouldn't have to worry about any toilet paper.

I would also love to fist Chrissy Oppa Pancake Style! That is where I insert my fist into his rectom while he is going poopies! I'd pound that fist until his poopies get all squishy and resemble pancake batter! MMmm... then I'd lick them. I want to fist his shitty hairy asshole! I wonder how much lube his poopies would make!

OOoohhh yes!!! POOPIES!!! I'd wear those dirty crapped briefs over my head! Well, shiz bisques it was good to check in. I need to go fist myself now....

Sunday, July 28, 2013

Is the Golden Age of trolls and lolcows over???

Hi, shiz bisques! Still alive and getting down Pancake Style! That is where you fuck someone up the ass while they are going poopies at the same time. Then, while you are fucking them, the poopies get all smashed and it looks like pancake batter. YUM!

Okay, I was hanging out with some fans on Saturday. These were assorted people who I used to hang with a the psych ward. I was asked about my lack of content. If you look around, not many trolls or lolcows are producing any new content. I don't know, if it is just a lack of ideas, or just a lack of motivation. There really isn't many major LOLcows/trolls anymore.

The only one I can think of at the moment that is active is Nick Bate. Poppy loves you! :) He's my brother from a different mother! I mean, his love of poopies and playing with them matches mine.

Okay, besides the new up and coming star of the interwebs, look at pretty much everyone else who was awesome. They all seem to start up in 2009, get noticed HARDCORE in 2010, start fizzling in 2011, hit rock bottom in 2012, and well, are once again nobodies in 2013. WTF happened?! I'll venture some guesses:

Christian Weston Chandler:

This was the LOLcow to end all LOLcows. The ultimate face of Autism. Autism=Chris. The Golden Age of Chris was the 2009-2010 era with all the cool videos for his troll girlfriends. He was funny and entertaining. In 2011, he decided to take it to the next level by doing his TomGirl shit. However, it ended up being an aborted story arc, when he had to end that saga. Chrissy did was every Autistic male does in their life and that is commit a violent crime and play victim and say that the victim was attacking them. Due to his probation there has been no new content since August 2011. Even though he did play the Autism card like all violent Autistic males, he still didn't get off scott free.

However, with Chrissy's cult following he can start up all over again. Seriously, there are still followers out there waiting for new content, fapping furiously fantasizing about it. My theory is, he's just too fucking lazy to capitalize on his celebrity. If I was that famous, I WOULD BE MAKING FUCKING MONEY OFF OF IT. Okay, I'll shut up about that. I'm just yelling into a void.

Christopher Paul Whitney:

Chris is a good name of a turd, or an lolcow. Seriously, a lot of those Autistic fucks are named that. However, he was smarter than Christian Weston Chandler. He also had very entertaining videos, but he charged donations for people to view them. Meaning, HE MADE MONEY off of it. However, where he fucked up is, he kept retiring. After you retire so many times, people lose interest. I even up losing interest in early 2012. He just couldn't do a good enough come back and even when he tried, he would just retire again.

John Assanti:

I love the shit out of him. I would so do him Pancake Style. He made funnier than shit YouTube videos and was even still going strong in 2012. As LOLcows go, he is the king. However, instead of being an Asspie nutjob, he was an Oxycodone addict. Also, possibly bi-polar. He did try to straighten up his life and lose weight (from what I know he still is) in 2012. That was the end of Fatboygetdown and all the degrading videos. He did lose a bunch of weight from what I heard, however, ended up in bad health. Being an overweight drug addict is not a good thing. I still hope the best for him and hopefully, he can make a comeback that doesn't involve doing something degrading.


Okay, I still get this asked what the hell happened from people who know I am the Popanator. I kind of left everyone hanging after the baby daddy saga. I hate to leave everyone with an aborted story arc. However, I admit, the inspiration and content have been low lately. I know, I suck. However, even though I love and adore poo, and I am still obsessed with it, I still have an outside life, job, psychiatric counseling, and all that shiz. Maybe I'll make a comeback, I don't know. I know, I can't let the Popanator side of me die completely. I will always be a troll in one way or another. Whether it is out and out blatant poo loving trolling, or even subtle trolling, which I have been doing lately, I can't get the troll out.

Also, Popanator is a reminder of a simpler time. A time when the lulz were in abundance.

Fake Popanator:

Where the fuck did he go?! I missed his retarded comedy. I guess, when my posts slowed so did his.

Okay, we all know what we have to do. We either need good trolls/lolcows to spring up and replace the dried up husks of the previous ones, or those dried up husks need to make a comeback. We need more lulz on the internet. Come on, how hard is it? I'm the only one out of the bunch that actually has a job or life. We need inspiration. Is it just me, or is humor seriously lacking from the internet now??!

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Rental Property

My big gapping cunt hole and poopie hole used to be prime rental properties. I had no problems finding renters before 2011. I was always at full occupancy. Back in the day, I had so many renters, I made sure my property looked nice, was always mowed and I always had a supply of ointment for those nasty infections I would get once in a while.

2011-2013, I was in a relationship. Sure, my rental property only went to two renters. When one moved out the other one moved in. I kept the grass cut, still made sure it was clean, hell it was cleaner! I wasn't getting paid rent sadly, but I was still happy. I made sure I got in relationships with men who took good care of the property.. or so I thought.

2013--onwards! The last asshole tenant, left his shit on my property! No-one want anything to do with it. He fled to Canada, so he doesn't have to pay for damages. I can't even get anyone to look at this shit for free. I can't even get a one night stand. I'm almost lonely enough to pay someone to just go in the rental property like old times and mess around.

I don't mind being single. Men are a pain in the ass anyways, but sometimes, my gaping cunt and my poopie hole need a little something. Now, the rental property is condemned, and I don't bother mowing the fucking grass. Why bother? The property can't be rebuilt until October.

Over Grown Yard

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Fun With Condoms

Well, shiz bisques, I think my doctor is going to put me on psych meds again. I just got so tired of being reminded about condoms (since I USE THEM) preventing pregnancy. Here is a conversation I had with a nurse before getting yet another cunt exam.

The fat ass nurse with an annoying voice said, "Well, if you aren't using protection, then you are just trying to get pregnant."

Being sick of hearing this, "You know condoms are only 99% effective if used properly. Meaning, with all the sex I've had in my life, my number was due to come up again."

The nurse not wanting to hear this said, "Condoms only work if you use them! They don't work if you leave them on your night stand!" Why is it idiots think condoms are the end all to everything avoiding pregnancy? Even your seasoned hookers who use condoms every time end up with at least 1 or 2 nasty surprises in their life.

I finally got fed up and spoke up. "You know, condoms are only 99% effective. So is shooting yourself in the face with a shot gun to commit suicide. Most of the time, you get what you want. 1% of the time you end up with a bloody life changing mess." She walked out quietly. Now, the doctor is wanting me to go back on my meds.

Monday, June 3, 2013

Nick Bate

Hey, Shiz Biscuits! I've been searching high and low on Twitter for someone who loves the POO as much as I do. I found him. There is this autistic (yes, it always has to be autistic) man on Twitter who is in love with everything fecal and scatological. His name is Nick Bate and he wishes he was in a more fecal friendly land called Canada. Hey, I think that's where my baby daddy fled to. He's probably living it up right now, in his diapers smearing shit on igloo walls. *sigh*

Now, more about the man of the hour: NICK BATE

Here is his Twitter account:

Sexy Photo:

The tinfoil hat is a fashion statement and it also keeps the government from reading your brainwaves. I have a few of my own.

Favorite Party Game: Musical Anuses!  "anal orgy wherein men circle aroond women while music plays. When the DJ stops it (at random) they must do the nearest butt. Each roond there is one less female than male, so whichever male is last to get his penis in a rectum is disqualified."

Religious Beliefs: "The world must realize that sex is the Lord's gift to mankind and that anal, the most intimate act, is the ultimate expression of Love. To refuse engaging in anal intercourse with one's soulmate is the rejection of God's gift. Abstinence from anal is the wickedest sin of all."

He also loves the letter "o". It is the one that looks closest to a poopie hole. Maybe he never saw *.

Prophesy of Nick Bate: "The Prophet is charged with a Holy Crusade by The One Who Is Known as I Am. The Penetration of the Anus will usher in a new Age of Peace. She who shares the bodily waste of the Prophet's earthly vessel will be the Vice Queen of the Holy Kingdom of Sodomia in the New Age The descendants of Sodomia, birthed by the Prophet and his wife shall inherit the Earth in preparation for the Advent of the Messiah. The Sodomites will prosper on Earth and in the Kingdom of Heaven for all Eternity! Faram."

I don't know if the Great Almighty Poo would approve. He's more into fecal matter than sodomy. However, Nick's page is worth a read.